Cradle to Cradle

GGC Toilet Brush

This was my first entry into the Cradle to Cradle design competition using Autodesk Fusion 360. I really enjoyed the task of using a sustainable way of thinking to design a product. This was attempted during my junior year of college and although I didn’t win, it gave me some insight into the product development process and how to design with the product’s end of lifecycle in mind.


Second page of the contest presentation, reviews the product functionality and interfacing.


Third page of the contest presentation, reviews the product development lifecycle stages.


The fourth page of the contest presentation that reviews the reutilization cycle and business model.


The last page of the contest presentation that reviews the material selection, material health and my use of Fusion 360.

There are many improvements that I could make this product, for instance creating a more practical design. The problem with wood (bamboo is notorious for this), is that it will split after prolonged moisture. Perhaps bamboo is not the right material for its operational scenarios. On top of creating a more practical design, the product sourcing and processes section would most likely be revisited. It’s easy to say something will be biodegradable or compostable, but these are defined by standards made by different organizations and this should be looked into during the design stage–its wasn’t. For instance, is the toilet brush’s meet the break-down and safety standards to enter the user’s at-home pile or does this need to be broken down in an industrial composting facility?


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