Aloha! My name is Summer Kapuaimilia Mundon. I was born and raised on an organic farm located in the beautiful Waimea mountains in Kamuela, Hawaii. I have received my Bachelors of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters of Science degree in Product Design and Manufacturing from Boston University’s College of Engineering.  I’ve had the opportunity to work as a mechanical engineer at Altaeros where they are providing telecom services to rural areas by deploying massive aerostats (or more commonly known as tethered blimps). I’ve been given another opportunity to work as a mechanical engineer at Seurat Technologies where we are building the world’s fastest metal 3D printer. Cool stuff!

Every once in a blue moon I really enjoy working on my own projects and I hope this portfolio/part-time blog can offer others some ideas for their own projects whether it be through robotics, software or sustainable design! If you have any questions about my work/projects please feel free to contact me at smundon1@gmail.com. Mahalo for stopping by!