This is my first app creation–something I wanted to make for my family that was both fun and geared towards the Hawaiian storytelling. Inspired by one of the myths about the Polynesian demi-god Maui, Holoholo is a simple game that challenges the player to collect the most amount of coconuts while traversing an ever-changing terrain.


One version of the story recorded by Martha Beckwith explains that Maui seeks the help of his mother, Hina who tells him that on the night of Lono, Maui can physically unite all eight of the islands together if he successfully catches Pimoe, a giant, mystical ulua fish with his magical fish hook, Manaiakalani. As a final warning, Hina tells Maui to never remove his sight from Pimoe or else the great fish will escape. On the night of Lono, nine alae birds (mud hens) send warning to Pimoe, but Maui catches the youngest alae bird and uses it to bait the great fish. Maui and his brothers set off on the epic fishing journey in uniting the islands together as they grapple with the giant Pimoe. As the islands pull together, a calabash floats by and is picked up and placed into the racing canoe. Out of it springs a beautiful woman. Crowds of people on the islands cheer at the sight of the wondrous woman that for a split second, Maui and his brothers steal a backwards glance, only to lose the great Pimoe into the watery depths. Slowly the islands returned to their original positions and epic adventure ends in failure.

Game Mechanics:

  1. Navigation: The wind is fierce on the night of Lono! Watch as it steers the player off course towards the edge of the screen. Quickly tap the screen to navigate in the opposite direction of the wind. Avoid the passing islands as well as the screen edges.
  2. Calabashes: Use calabashes as a way to reverse the direction of the current, resize the player or pound through the oncoming islands.
  3. Coconuts: Collect coconuts to increase your score and the difficulty of the track.
  4. Drums: Tired of just listening to the sounds of the ocean? Play some mean Polynesian beats by picking up a drum. Change the music by picking up another drum. Tired of listening to the music? Pick up one more drum (total of 3) to return back to listening to the ocean waves.
  5.  Difficulty: The more coconuts you pick up, the harder the course is to navigate. The islands not only grow in size, but they increase in speed and change orientation.

Here’s a snippet of the game: