Snippet of Holoholo

Finally finished up the debugging of my first app, which is a simple game based off of one of Maui’s adventures as he attempts to fish up Pimoe on the night of Lono in order to unite the Hawaiian islands into one land mass. The player avoids islands and the screen edges in order to catch as many coconuts as possible. Drums add rhythm to the game whereas calabashes are filled with surprises that might hurt/help the player. The more coconuts the player collects the harder it becomes to navigate across the ocean as islands come closer together, become larger and begin moving faster past the player–entropy for the win! Some motifs of the legend are scattered within the game. The only user input is tapping on the screen, which moves the player in a single direction against the current.

The main logic took two weeks to create, whereas debugging took at least 2 months to complete (on/off work). Pretty happy with what I have so far. Simple game at best and lots of lessons learned–definitely a fun project if anyone wants to learn C#/app development skills.

Here’s a snippet of me playing it–and not doing so swell!


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